PIEZO2021: Piezoelectrics for End Users XI

Feb 21-24, 2021 | University of Sassari, Italy








12/04/2021. The slide presentations and e-posters are now available at this link


Here the link to attend the Winter School (registered  participants received the password by email) 


NEWS (21/02/2021): The final agenda is now here available   



 NEWS (18/09/2021) : Due to the COVID-19, and for the safety of our participants, the new edition of the Winter Conference PIEZO2021: Piezoelectrics for End Users XI will be held Online 










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Welcome from the Chairs

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is my great pleasure to invite you to the XI International Conference PIEZO2021 and the related Winter School, organized by University of Sassari and Piezo Institute. This conference will be held in ONLINE from February 21 to February 24, 2021. The previous editions of the conference can be visualized here.

Due to the health conditions related to the coronavirus and to guarantee the safety and well-being of all conference attendees, the conference will be held ONLINE. The aim is to make this event an international forum for discussion, knowledge exchange and fruitful interactions among participants in this exponentially growing field.

We look forward to meeting you all online!

Dr. Sebastiano Garroni, Dr. Carmen Galassi and Dr. Guy Feuillard  

PIEZO2021 Chairs 

Stakeholders from academia and industry as well as from governments and research institutes are welcome to join this event and share their findings on various topics related to materials, such as:

  • Piezoelectrics, ferroelectrics, relaxors, tunable materials
  • Lead-free ferroelectrics and piezoelectrics
  • New processing techniques: bulk, thick and thin films, LTCC, integration, lithography-free deposition methods, flexible substrates, multilayers, etc.
  • Advanced and innovative structural, piezoelectric and mechanical characterization
  • Materials and devices for high frequency ultrasonic medical imaging and other biomedical applications
  • Energy harvesting concepts and devices, energy storage using antiferroelectrics
  • Actuators (for ink jet printers, fuel injection etc.)
  • Photo-ferroelectrics
  • Raw materials avoiding environmentally aggressive conditions
  • Green manufacture of ceramics, chemical routes avoiding toxic precursors, such as colloidal sol-gel, freeze drying, chemical routes, etc.
  • Additive manufacturing of oxide advanced ceramics
  • Electrocalorics, photovoltaics, and thermoelectrics
  • Theory and modeling

Winter School

The Winter School, organized on Sunday 21, before the conference, aims at providing a deep understanding of fundamentals of porous piezoceramics, with a particular focus on the synthesis and characterization aspects

Preliminary Conference Schedule

February 21-24, 2021

Conference Organizer



Sebastiano Garroni (Chair)

Guy Feuillard (Co-chair)

Carmen Galassi (Co-chair)


Local committee (UNISS)

Gabriele Mulas

Stefano Enzo

Plinio Innocenzi

Luca Malfatti

Davide Sanna

Antonio Iacomini

Alessando Taras

Valeria Farina

Luca Cappai

Costantino Cau

Marcella Garroni


International Steering Committee

Lorena Pardo – Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid  CSIC (Spain)

Wanda W. Wolny – MEGGITT A/S (Denmark)

Alexandr Dejneka – Institute of Physics ASCR (Czech)

Marc Lethiecq – University of Tours (France)

Nava Setter – Ecole polytechnique federale de  Lausanne (Swiss)

Barbara Malic – Jožef Stefan Institute (Slovenia)

Andris Sternbergs – University of Latvia (Latvia)

Dragan Damjanovic – Ecole polytechnique federale de  Lausanne (Swiss)

Erling Ringgaard – MEGGITT A/S (Denmark)

Henrik Raeder – SINTEF (Norway)

Amador Miguel González-Crespo – Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Spain)

Franck Levassort – University of Tours (France)

Marina Tjunina – Institute of Physics ASCR (Czech)

Kyle Webber – Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg  (Germany)

Guylaine Poulin-Vittrant – University of Tours (France)

Sandy Cochran – University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)

Franz Schubert – PI CERAMIC (Germany)

Maxime Bavencoffe – INSA CVL Centre Val de Loire (France)

Guylaine Poulin – University of Tours (France)

Pascal Marchet – University of Limoges (France)

Jiri Erhart – Technical University of Liberec (Czech)

Sylvia Gebhardt – Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (Germany)



Meet Our Speakers

Susan Trolier-McKinstry
Susan Trolier-McKinstry

Pennsylvania State University (USA)

Franck Levassort
Franck Levassort

University of Tours (Fr)

Pol Lloveras
Pol Lloveras

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (ES)

Giosue Caliano
Giosue Caliano

Department of Engineering, University Roma Tre, (IT)

Erling Ringgaard
Erling Ringgaard

Meggitt Sensing Systems, Kvistgaard (DK)

Marco Deluca
Marco Deluca

Materials Center Leoben (AT)

Francesco Cordero
Francesco Cordero

Istituto di struttura della Materia, CNR-ISC (IT)

Vincenzo Buscaglia
Vincenzo Buscaglia

Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry and Technologies for Energy, CNR (IT)

Sylvia Gebhardt
Sylvia Gebhardt

Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (DE)

Lalitha Kodumudi Venkataraman
Lalitha Kodumudi Venkataraman

TU Darmstadt (DE)

Franz Schubert
Franz Schubert

PI ceramics (DE)

Pascal Marchet
Pascal Marchet

University of Limoges (FR)

Antonio Iula
Antonio Iula

University of Basilicata (IT)

Lorenzo Capineri
Lorenzo Capineri

University of Florence (IT)

Sylvain Ballandras
Sylvain Ballandras

Frec[n]sys (FR)

Luca Polizzi
Luca Polizzi

EU Diplomat | International Relations | Attaché Research & Innovation | EU Mission to Israel

Paula Ferreira
Paula Ferreira

University of Aveiro (PT)

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