Lorenzo Capineri awarded his degree in electronic engineering in 1988, his doctorate in non-destructive Testing in 1993 and post-doctorate in 1994. In 1995 he became Associate Researcher and in 2004 Associate Professor of Electronics in the Department of Information Engineering. In 2017 he received the National Scientific Qualification as Full Professor in Electronics. His current research activities are in the design of ultrasonic guided waves devices, buried objects detection with ground penetrating radar and holographic radar. He has worked on several research projects in collaboration with national (Gilardoni spa) and international industries (National Semiconductors, Texas Instruments), and research institutions: the Italian Research Council (CNR), the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the European Space Agency (ESA), AEA Technology and UKAEA (England), ISTC (International Science and Technology Centre) (Moscow, Russia), European Commission Joint Research Centre (Ispra)  and NATO (Brussels, Belgium). He is coauthor of 6 Italian patents and coauthor of 4 book chapters and about 200 scientific and technical papers. He is IEEE senior member since 2007 and member since 1983. Co-chair of IWAGPR2015 conference and member of scientific and technical committee of GPR, PIERS and IGARSS conferences. Fellow of Electromagnetic Academy and Fellow of British Institute of Non Destructive Testing.